Golden alarm clock & golden red pen 2017-2

In this short section of our website we want to present you the golden alarm clock and the golden red pencil. These two travelling prizes are awarded every semester to illustrate the correction time of the exams. The golden alarm clock stands for the longest correction time, the golden red pencil for the shortest.

In the exam phase of the winter semester 2016/2017, the golden alarm clock goes to Prof. Dr. Sander for the OCIII exam and the golden red pencil once again to Prof. Dr. Dyker for the OCII exam.

In addition to the travelling trophy of the golden alarm clock, our FSR room also has a plaque of honour of the previous prize winners. Just come by and see who is represented there from the last years.

Der Gewinner des goldenen Rotstiftes 2017
Der Gewinner des goldenen Weckers 2017

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