Helpful links

Dyker TV
(Focus: Organic Chemistry)

If you want to get an insight into organic chemistry, you can watch the lectures of Prof. Dyker on the Youtube channel.

(Focus: Organic Chemistry)

A really short overview of OC name reactions. Not all reactions are covered, but worth a visit.

Organic reactions

(Focus: Organic Chemistry)

One more page with OC name reactions.

Organic Compounds Database

(Focus: Organic Chemistry)

Organic Compounds Database: Searches for an organic structural formula that matches experimentally determined data such as melting point, spectrum, etc. The more you know, the higher the probability of a match.

(Focus: Analytic Chemistry)

Advanced Chemistry Development Homepage: Software solutions for spectroscopy etc. Besides, as a goodie, there is the free molecule drawing software ChemSketch with numerous plugins (3D viewer, IUPAC naming) – free of charge.

Roche Lab FAQ

(Focus: Biochemistry)

The famous Roche Lab FAQ free of charge and always a useful helper in the biochemical laboratory (tip: it is best to request it by post on the Roche site, then it will come as a practical, laminated ring binder).

RCSB Protein Database

(Focus: Biochemistry)

RCSB Protein Database

(Focus: Biochemistry, Medicine, Biology)


Like Pubmed, but only for free of charge papers.

Electron Microscopic Atlas

Electron Microscopic Atlas on the Internet

(Focus: Chemistry)

A recommended online periodic table.

(Focus: Physical Chemistry)

Physical-chemical database, mainly thermodynamic material data, good coverage.

(Focus: Genetic Engineering Law)

Robert Koch Institute Berlin, lots of information about genetic engineering, genetic engineering law, research

Useful Apps

AK Minilaboratory

Free app with interactive chemistry games, the periodic table, a formal lexicon, list of abbreviations and much more.

Merck-PSE HD

Free periodic table with good overview and lots of background information

GESTIS Database

Database with numerous properties (characteristics, toxicology, hazards, first aid measures/behaviour in accidents).

ChemInform Acronyms

Practical list of the most common abbreviations with corresponding structure.


Draw your own molecules.

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