Tasks of the FSR

What we do:

The Student representatives (FSR) chemistry/biochemistry represents the interests of all chemistry and biochemistry students. The FSR is elected once a year by all students at the General Assembly, usually in the summer semester. In general, the FSR consists of 20 people. However, anyone who is interested in the FR-work is free to help us. We are open to everyone. Our responsibility is to represent the students’ interests in the various bodies of the faculty.

For this purpose we send representatives into the faculty committees.

Contact point for questions

We are there for you as a point of contact for all questions in the study, and usually know who can help. In addition, we take care of specific problems with professors, internships, etc. and provide information material (examination regulations, study regulations, information on various scholarships or trips abroad, etc.).
For freshmen, we organize special tutorials in the first semester so everyone has the opportunity to be additionally cared for in small groups of tutors. The tutorials meet once a week and to help general and professional issues in particular orientation within the first semester at the university. The tutors itself study chemistry or biochemistry, so that they can provide assistance based on their own experiences to ease the start into the study. Moreover, it is ofcourse an important goal that you know each other, can do things together in your spare time and some may form study groups to help cope with the stress of the first time.

In short, we try to find an answer to any of your questions, to make the students life as bearable as possible.

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