Lab supplies

In our student body you can buy laboratory equipment such as protective goggles, glassware, etc., which are indispensable for studying chemistry.

Since these things and devices are very expensive when purchased individually, we buy for you in larger quantities or get well-preserved glassware from other laboratories.
Sometimes something gets broken while working in the lab and that is usually really expensive, because you always have to refund the price of a new one.
So better come to us and see if we have any used glassware in stock which you can get for a fraction of the price.
We also buy consumables and basic supplies such as goggles, spatulas, etc. at low prices or subsidize them.

The lab coat will be made available to you by the university during your basic studies for the respective internships, which is why we have completely stopped selling lab coats.

A complete price list can be found here: