About the current Situation

Dear fellow students,

the “digital” summerterm 2020 is going to be an absolutely new experience and will lead us to new tasks and problems. As the students representatives we will try to be there for you as good as possible. You might have noticed that the general assembly of the “Fachschaft Chemie/ Biochemie” could not take place and a student council (FSR) could not be elected. The old FSR remains provisional and a general assembly cannot happen. We will get in touch with you, as soon as we have new information. If you have questions you can send us an E-Mail (please understand that the answer can take some time). We will set up Office hours, so you can reach us via Sykpe from 20.4.2020.

Please keep in mind that it is -despite the corona crisis – still you, who is responsible for your own study. So have a regular look on the website of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, on the Black Board and on the new Moodle course “Lehrveranstaltungen Chemie und Biochemie im Sommersemester 2020“, where you can find information regarding the lectures in the summerterm. Furthermore we recommend to join the Moodle course “Fachschaft Chemie/Biochemie“. There you have access to old exams and much more. Sometimes we send important information (e.g. announcement of the general assembly) in the Moodle course via E-Mail.
We give our best to keep you up to date on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t let the crisis get you down,
your FSR Chemie/ Biochemie

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